I teach a number of leadership classes at JBC each year that last about 8 months. Each person in the class commits to memorizing about 2 new verses each week, reading in assigned books, reading their Bibles every day, spending time with God in prayer each day, and attending class and taking notes of my lesson and taking a quiz each week on the previous weeks lesson. Then at the end of the year they give a 15 minute sermon in church. Tonight (Saturday night service) 3 spoke, and tomorrow (9 :00 am & 11:30 am services) 6 more will speak, 3 in each service. These end of class sermons from those who have finished the class are my favorite services of the year. I feel so proud of each person and look forward to see how God is going to direct their lives into serving Him. In the class I teach all about goal setting, and each student sets their own goals for the 8 months they are in the class, and reports on them each week. I also teach on various character traits and the importance of growing in these 26 different character traits as followers of Jesus. The basic goal of the class is that each person who goes the full 8 months without quitting would be an influencer of people inside the church and outside. I teach that God gives us His authority inside of us as we prove faithful and worthy, and that authority as an invisible force coming from us draws people and influences them to follow Christ.

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