Bad Day, Good Day

I went fishing today with some friends, and it was the most eventful day I can remember having, in that just about everything that could go wrong did. We met at my house at 6 am and headed out to Detroit Reservoir pulling my 20 foot pontoon boat. We got to Stayton and had a flat tire on the boat trailer. The jack that I had was to small to jack it high enough to get the tire off so we used two jacks with blocks, and finally got the tire off. The spare wasn’t the spare in that the bolt pattern was wrong and wouldn’t fit. It was then that I remembered that two months earlier someone had a flat in front of our house and had no spare so I loaned him the one for my boat trailer and a jack. He promised he would bring the them both back the next day, but I have not seen him since. I went to Les Schaub’s in Stayton and bought a new rim and tire for $181, it took a while but we got it put on the boat trailer, and then we headed for the Lake at 11:00 am. When we got there we launched the boat, got the 40 horsepower Johnson started, and then we put the electric trolling motor down into the water as well to test it, it was fastened to the deck in the front. It was a very nice trolling motor with 80 lbs of thrust, and it had a gps built into it and I could control it with a remote device that had an auto pilot on it. We took off across the lake, but I forgot to raise the trolling motor, and the water pressure on it from going full throttle with the outboard caused it to bust off of the deck and fall to the bottom of the lake! Oh well, it was just a motor! So we got 4 fishing rods baited and hooked on my 2 down riggers, but somehow the 6 pound weight went down faster, farther than expected and it ran out of cable and went to the bottom of the lake as well. We had the lines from two fishing rods hooked to it, and as the cannonball went to the bottom it stripped all the line off of the reels, the new braided line that I had just put on the evening before. The line from one of the remaining functioning rods somehow got into the prop and immediately stripped all the line off of the reel and wound around the prop. So now we have no trolling motor, only one fishing rod with line on it, only one down rigger, and the wind is blowing hard, it is getting cold, and starting to rain. Wow, I was having so much fun having all these adventures.

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