Forget God

We all have values. Different things in our life have value or worth to us. The easiest way to picture it is simply to say that everything in our life, people, activities, things, possessions, and God are all ranked in our mind, the thing that we give the greatest value to is first all the way down to that which is dead last. We don’t usually formally rank them, we just make choices in life based on this personal subconscious value system. God expects that He is going to be first place in our life, but very few people have Him first, most not even 2nd or 3rd. Most live their life acknowledging God, but basically forgetting about Him in the midst of the business of life. God knows everything about us, and He has this to say to those who don’t have Him as number one in their life in Psalms 50:22 “Now consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you in pieces, and there will be none to deliver.” I don’t think God often literally tears people in pieces, but I do think that He makes the things that we value ahead of Him disappear, and life goes from bad to worse. Many people have very little joy in their life, they have lots of anxiety, many of their relationships are full of conflict, they are unmotivated, and they live life in a state of confusion. There is no one to blame for this sad state of affairs, but themselves. When God is first place in our life, He blesses us, when He isn’t first place in our lives He doesn’t bless us. It takes constant self-examination, and vigilance to keep Him first, but that is where He ought to be, He is God, our creator, our savior.

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