West Africa

Today I had a nice surprise, Saah Joseph called me from Liberia and we chatted for awhile. He is a Senator now so he is the Honorable Saah Joseph, but he still calls me Dad. I met Saah in 2002 when I made my first trip to Sierra Leone, and JBC officially started our ministry in the country by starting two churches and two schools. Since then I have made 22 trips to Sierra Leone, and we have started many more churches, schools, an orphanage, a Bible College, and a couple of well drilling companies. I gave up my role in our ministry there several years ago to younger guys as the 24 hour trips, time difference, and heat and humidity wore me out to much when I went over there. Saah said on the phone, “do you remember that first trip we did together driving across Sierra Leone” I told him that it was one of the most memorable events in my life, and he suggested that I make one more trip over and the two of us could drive all over Sierra Leone and visit all the churches. I told him that I would do one more trip for that experience with him. I don’t know if any thing will come of the conversation we had, but it was fun to remember with him those early days of ministry in a West Africa right after the war there was over.

Sierra Leone is one of those areas of my life that was and is a total God thing. I had no plans or dreams of going to Africa for any reason, but a series of events unfolded seemingly by chance that resulted in a major ministry in this country that I had trouble spelling right. One of my personal motto statements is, ” God leads and I will follow”. Most of the time I don’t know where the adventure will end, but I follow to the best of my ability.

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