One of my favorite basketball teams over the last 40 years is Duke University, the Blue Devils, coached by My Mike Krzyzewski. It probably isn’t a mystery why they are one of my favorites, I just like the name of the school. 😀 They lost yesterday by 1 point to Michigan State, having reached the “Elite Eight” with their goal being the National Championship. I wonder what the team is thinking and feeling today, especially any of the players who made mistakes or didn’t play up to their potential. Coach Krzyzewski is 72 years old, one year older than I am, not many years left to win another National Championship. The bulk of his starters were Freshman and will most likely enter the NBA and be done with college basketball. The pain and disappointment of losing or failing to accomplish the goal or reach the goal is the number one reason people don’t set goals. In our subconscious mind we decide that it is more comfortable not having goals that can potentially make us feel like losers if we don’t accomplish them. All kinds of reasons are given, some even sound very spiritual, like “I am going to just trust God for whatever He wants to give me”, but the real reason is the fear of failure and the pain and disappointment that failure brings. A main reason for mediocrity in life is the failure to set goals. Goals motivate us, they cause us to focus, they elicit cooperation from others who can help us accomplish our goals, and on the flip side of losing, there isn’t much that satisfies as the accomplishment of a meaningful goal. I set a lot of goals every year, some fairly simple, like “build a 10 foot pram boat”, but others are much more significant, like “start 2 satellite churches” this year as we pursue the goal of becoming a “multi-site” church. As I get older the natural desire is to slow down, take it easy, and sleep more grows stronger in me. I use the goals that I choose to set as a motivator and gas pedal in my life so that though my flesh wants to slow down, my heart wants to speed up. Whenever I get to feeling a bit “sluggish”, I read my goals and then off I go.

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