Busy and tired

I leave on a 2,000 mile bicycle trip to Glacier National Park on June 3rd and get back July 3rd. Now as we come into April we have just 2 months until we leave. There are so many things that I need to get done that it is easy to get overwhelmed and to think, ” there is no way on God’s green earth I can get all that done before June 3rd”!! We all have those kinds of situations in our life. Some people will get every thing done but most will not even get close to completing the required list. The key difference between these two groups of people is how they think. The ones who will get everything done that is on the list think in a disciplined way, and those who won’t get everything done think in an undisciplined and reactive way. The undisciplined thinkers will dwell on the impossibility of the task, they will think thoughts on how tired they are, how busy they are, and how stressed they are. Our self talk is a fundamental key to success or failure in life.


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