I decided to go fishing today. I planned on taking my 9 foot pontoon boat in the back of my pickup to Freeway Lakes and fishing for Crappie. When I got there I was pumping up the two pontoons when my pump broke. I sorta fixed it, but normally it takes just 5 minutes to blow up both pontoons, but after my “sorta fix” it took me 30 minutes on each one, and I was sweating profusely when I finally finished. I got the boat all put together, and discovered that I had forgotten my electric trolling motor, but no problem I had remembered the oars, but then I discovered I had brought the wrong oar locks, the small ones, so the oars wouldn’t fit in them, but again no problem, I had some light rope and I tied the oars on with a short section of the rope that I cut off of the long length of rope. I started rowing out into the lake and discovered that the short pedestal that I put my seat on wouldn’t work if I was rowing instead of using the motor. So I took the boat apart and took the pedestal off, put the seat down on the frame and put everything back together again. Finally after 2 full hours I got the boat in the water and caught a bunch of really big trout, but because I had forgotten my short handled net I couldn’t get them into my boat without losing them, I did manage to get two in. I will give it another shot next week and I will have everything fixed and ready to go.

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