A major principle of life is that a group of unified people working together will tremendously out perform the same number of people who are working independently of each other, no matter how educated, talented, and determined they might be. The biggest barrier and obstacle to this principle working in businesses, schools, and even churches is pride, our egos constantly work against and sabotage the power of a unified group.

The Bible uses the “Body” as the perfect illustration of this principle. My body has hands, feet, eyes, a heart, lungs and many other parts, none which can survive outside of my body. I was watching Duke University and North Carolina play basketball tonight, and they have some amazingly athletic and coordinated players. The term ” coordinated” means that their body parts are all in synch with each other.

When we had our first child of eight we went and got counseling from a father of twelve every Wednesday night for three months. His first piece of advice to us was to have as many kids as possible. He said it with such passion, I asked why he said that, and he said, “when you have a lot of kids you are forced to teach them to get along, to live together in unity, and to work towards common goals as a family, kids that learn that are almost always champions in every area of life.” So we had eight.

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