What does it take to be a successful person? What is success? Who decides if we are successful or a failure? How much will it cost us to be a success? Not how much money will it cost, but what do we have to give up in the way of time? How much effort and work will it take?

We really can’t be declared a successful person until we cross the finish line, until the end of our life, and God is the only one who can declare us a successful person. Every believer in Jesus, every follower of Jesus, every disciple of Jesus will stand before Him at the end of our life and give an account of our life, what did we do for Him that mattered, that made a difference in some other persons life.

“Mismanaged successes in life are the major causes of a failed life, and well managed failures in life are the main causes of a successful life. ” I read that quote, and it made me blink, that is I stopped and read it again real slow knowing that it was profound, but not sure what it meant, but wanting to. There is no truly great person who hasn’t conquered something. David conquered Goliath, Joshua conquered the promised land, Noah conquered a world wide flood, and Jesus conquered death.

I can conquer bad habits, character flaws, fears, events that come into my life for no apparent reason and those events that I caused. Truly successful people are always looking for something to conquer, and the bigger and badder the better.

Romans 8:37 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

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