Pretty much every waking minute of my life now I am thinking about God, what His will is for my life, asking Him to bless someone, save someone, give someone bad diarrhea, and how to influence others to love Him like I do. If I am not thinking directly about God, I am thinking about eternity and what it will look like, sound like, and what it will feel like in my glorified body. I think about fishing a lot, but always with Him in the picture. I think about Patty, my kids, grandkids, my Mom, my sister, and all those in the church, but any thoughts about them always include a prayer for them. My confidence and faith in the existence of God, His personal love for me, and my very strong desire to please Him is as real and fixed in me as my awareness of Patty is.

It is interesting to think about how my faith has grown so strong over the years considering I have never seen God, heard Him, or had any kind of “supernatural” experience with Him. I am pretty sure that it is because of the steady diet of God’s Word over the years. My parents, especially my Mom, had us kids in church every Sunday with very few exceptions, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp, Youth Group, and whatever else was going on. When I was 13 years old at Fir Point Bible Camp in Glendale, Oregon my camp counselor was a young bachelor, 28 years old, named Mr. Titus. For the entire 5 days of camp he repeated over and over again how important it was to read the Bible everyday, and to read it all every year. He said anyone who would promise him that they would read it everyday and all the way through, that he would give them a new, leather covered Bible, so I made the commitment, got a nice Bible and haven’t missed a year of at least reading it once for the last 57 years. Yep, I am pretty sure Mr. Titus is the reason for my faith in God and my relationship with Him.

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