I Can’t Get it All Done!! Now What?

I have a list of a dozen things I do every day, I call them my “Daily Dozen Duties”. I try to get all 12 done every day, but often things come up that I didn’t plan on, or events that I really need to go to, and the result is that I don’t have enough time to get everything done – now what?

First thing for me to do is to remind myself that even though I use the word “duty”, it really is the “daily dozen desires”. If I don’t get every thing done I am not breaking some kind of law so I don’t have to feel guilty unless I have just been lazy and done a poor job of planning my day.

The second thing is to establish a priority list of the dozen things I want to get done every day, what are the ones that I have to do and the ones that I would like to do. At the top of my list is read the Bible and second would be to pray. Several things on my daIly dozen list that if I don’t get done it won’t be the end of the world is exercising, writing my blog, and reading 20 pages in a good Christian book.

The third thing is to look at the reason for not getting everything done. That will be mostly planning issues and time management principles. Once I have figured out why I can work on trying to keep that from happening to many times in the future.

And the last thing that I do is consider shortening the list if I consistently don’t get everything accomplished so I don’t start getting used to not checking everything off. Once I get used to not getting all my “daily dozen duties” done it will get easier and easier to not push to get them all checked off.

In case you were interested here is my list of the duties I strive to accomplish each day: (1) read 12 chapters in the Bible, (2) spend 15 minutes memorizing Bible verses, (3) pray for 30 minutes, (4) pray with Patty for 15 minutes for our kids and their families, (5) first thing in the morning to pray a prayer of commitment and present myself to Jesus as Lord of my life, (6) exercise for one hour minimum, (7) write my blog for the day, (8) read 20 pages in a good book, (9) write down everything I did that day and the time I spent doing it, (10) listen to a sermon online, (11) read my goals for the year and, 12) just before going to sleep to think through the day and confess all know sin to God.

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