Second Worst Character Trait

Several days ago I wrote about the character trait of orderliness as I identified that as my lowest or worst of the 26 character traits that I study, read about, and evaluate my life by. I am working on that one for the next month in hopes of moving it from the bottom. The problem with moving one from the bottom is there is now a new worst. When I become more orderly in the use of my tools, books, papers etc the new bottom dweller on my list of 26 will be “Thoughtful/Gentle/Gracious”. “Orderliness” is very important in accomplishing a lot with my life, being productive, and bearing much fruit for God, but the lack of orderliness doesn’t impact my relationships with people much if at all. One of the characteristics of my life is that I am almost always in a hurry trying to get as much done as possible. There are times when I choose to shift myself into low gear and just relax and enjoy the situation and the people I am with, but I don’t do that very often. I enjoy working as fast as I can, getting as much done as possible, and checking everything off on my “todo” list. When I get my life cranked up and I am in high gear interruptions irritate me, and most often the cause of the interruption is a person with a need or a problem. It can be a simple one like my grandson, Courage’s chain coming off of his bicycle, and he wanting me to put it back on for him or it can be a much more significant need where someone sends me a text message wanting some advice on their tough marriage or their rebellious kids. Every evening I end the day thinking about the day, examining my life for sins I have committed and then confessing them to God so as to experience His forgiveness. Probably the most often recognized and confessed sin in 2018 is being insensitive to people who pop into my life all day long. I want to be a thoughtful, gentle, gracious, caring, sensitive person, but boy, oh boy does it ever take some focus, determination and effort to improve much.

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