Good leadership is tricky. Leaders are in front, which means they are initiating, casting vision, modeling, and encouraging. Good leaders are driven by noble, God inspired goals that change the world, if even a little bit. Good leaders inspire and motivate others to help them accomplish these noble goals. Change is a basic requirement for growth and accomplishment, but change produces stress and unrest. Good leaders initiate change and manage change with wisdom. It is like going around a sharp corner on a motorcycle, you want to go fast, but stay on the road. Good leaders value and pursue healthy relationships in those being led as a key part of leading. Healthy relationships are marked by unity and joy, as everyone rides the motorcycle around the sharp corner together with no one wobbling the bike causing a wreck. Good leaders are driven by the vision, but they are equally driven by the change and growth they can initiate in the lives of those being led. Good leadership is tricky. Good leaders think about the vision constantly, they pray about it, they plead with God for hours about it, they want it and will do most anything to accomplish it. But good leaders know God isn’t going to plop it into their lap. It will be accomplished by spiritually gifted people functioning together in unity as if they were one person, one body. Good leadership is tricky because each of these spiritually gifted people are in various stages of growth and maturity, and some of them get freaked out going around a corner fast on a motorcycle. Each of these individuals have their own ideas on how to accomplish the vision, and their ideas are important to them. Each of these individuals have their own dreams and goals, their own lives that compete for time, energy, and money with the leaders vision. Whooooeeeeee, I have made myself tired writing this, I think I will take a nap.

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