A Few of my Favorite Goals for 2019

I have 70 goals for the year, because I am 70😀, and they all are super, but a few of them are extra super! (1) I am going to focus on Philippians and Colossians this year in my study, I am also going to memorize both books word perfect. I am going to write 30 sermons from my study and preach them in our 8:00 am class that starts the first Sunday in October, and in our Wednesday night service. (2) A small group of us are going to leave June 1st for a 2,000 mile bicycle trip that will take one month. We are leaving Jefferson, riding to Glacier National Park, and back to Jefferson in a circular route, camping along the way. (3) I am going to read 20 really good books this next year. (3) I am going to listen to 100 really good sermons, many of them while I am riding my bicycle. (4) Patty and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year on August 24th, and on August 22nd we are leaving for the Steen’s Mts and will camp there together for one month. I will get most of my 30 sermons on Philippians and Colossians written during this time, as well as kill an elk and a deer, catch lots of trout in Fish Lake, and have hours of conversation with Patty about whatever she wants to talk about. Patty will get lots of rest, read lots of books, go sightseeing with me, and cook amazing meals for us. (5) I will start and oversee two “Satellite ” churches. This goal has me totally excited, and consumes much of my daytime thinking, and will be the focus of much of the goal of reading 20 books, and listening to 100 sermons. (6) I will write material, a syllabus, and prepare 12 hours of teaching for a seminar that Jefferson Baptist Church will host January 20th through the 22nd, called “Leading for Change”. (7) I will start on my project of building a 3 wheeled car from scratch.

The other 63 goals aren’t quite as big as these, but they are really cool. I read all 70 everyday which really lights my fire.

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