Patty and I went on our first date in January of 1969, we were engaged in April of 1969, and married in August of 1969. In June of that year Patty went to her home in Petaluma, California, and I went to my home in Trout Lake , Washington. We didn’t see each other until I drove down to her home a couple days before the wedding. This was before the days of computers and smart phones so we wrote letters and mailed them to each other. I wrote a letter every day except Sunday because there was no mail pick-up or delivery on Sundays, and Patty also wrote a letter a day to me. We talked on the phone once a week, but not for very long because we were on a ten family party line, which meant that there were 10 residences that had one phone line so if one phone in a home was being used no one in the other 9 homes could use their phone. If you picked up the phone to call and one of the other 10 on your party line was using their phone you could hear them talking, so you knew who was hogging the line if they talked for very long, and often you would get yelled at during your conversation to quit hogging the line. If you picked up the phone real slow so as not to make a clicking sound whoever was talking on another phone wouldn’t know you were listening, and you could listen in on their conversation, which was another reason why Patty and I didn’t talk very long on our weekly phone conversations. The 3 months of separation before we were married with the daily letters sent and received was a very powerful way for us to get know each other and to learn how to communicate to each other. I have often thought as I Have remembered back on those 3 months how effective that was as premarital preparation. When you write with a pen or pencil on paper you usually write a bit then read what you wrote, change a couple of things, write for a bit more, and then read again what you wrote, repeating that process dozens of times until the final masterpiece is achieved. Communication was well thought out, and it was easy to go back and reread the last letter I had received from Patty several times before the next one came so I was training myself to “listen”to what she said. The Word of God is in written form and has been preserved over all these thousands of years in writing. God in His sovereignty knew what form of communication would work best for His thoughts, laws, principles, and stories to be understood by us, his family. Writing is a good discipline and skill to develop if you want to become a good communicator to people so that you influence them by your words.

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