Preaching the Bible

Pastor Mike is in Sierra Leone, West Africa teaching at our Bible College so I preached this weekend at the main services at JBC and will the next two weeks. I am also teaching Hebrews at 8:00 am on Sunday morning and again on Wednesday night, and 5 different leadership classes, and 6 different accountability groups, and then there is the study, preparation and writing for each of the sermons and lessons that I teach so it is a pretty full schedule. I enjoy every minute of it though, and feel so blessed that I get to invest my life doing what I enjoy and what God has gifted me to do. After a day like today that is stacked full of ministry and activity, I sit in my recliner replaying the day, and think, ” Wow, what a great day, how did I get to this place where I get to do this”? I am not sure, but thank You Lord for making it happen. I will stay faithful, and hopefully I will get to do this with my life for many more years to come. We will see.

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