2 Timothy 2:5 says that athletes don’t win the prize unless they compete according to the rules. If they break a rule they are disqualified from the race and they don’t even get to finish. That is written not for the sake of athletes, but it is an illustration of life for us to understand that God, the creator and ruler of the universe has rules and if we break them there are consequences. If you jump out of an airplane at 14,000 feet without a parachute you have violated a basic rule of God and you will die. God has relational and life rules as well as physical rules that if we follow them we will be blessed, but if we break them we will experience significant trials and problems. Here are four rules that are irrevocable, set in concrete.

1. If you put others needs ahead of your own, your needs will be met, but if you put yourself first your needs will not be met.

God’s rules are counterintuitive, that is they are opposite of what our flesh, and the world think is right.

2. If you put others needs ahead of your own God will see to it that yours are met.

3. We often choose not to serve others because it isn’t convenient, that is we don’t have enough time, we are to tired, and we don’t have enough money. If we choose to serve others and do things to meet their needs God will give us strength, extra money, and keep the emergencies at bay that tend to use up so much of our time. It is an irrevocable rule of God.

4. The more we look out for others and serve them the more joy we will have in life. God gives joy, not circumstances, and when we please Him He rewards us with His joy.

1 thought on “Rules

  1. cminister111

    Actually Dee, this one is very useful. I am teaching a class on Wednesday nights and the next section is on Servant Leadership…I’ve thought of most of your points and more but you bring another perspective that will be useful.

    With love from George’s iPhone.



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