Hearing Aids

I have a significant hearing loss, which seems to be getting worse. It is probably because of the hours I spent on tractors as a kid, running chain saws, and shooting guns a lot, all with no hearing protection. When I worked construction for a few years running a track drill to drill 100 foot holes in solid rock to blow up for asphalt plants I would put the filters off of cigarettes in my ears. There was a fellow worker who liked a particular brand of cigarettes but he didn’t like the filters, so he tore them off and gave them to me, they worked pretty good for reducing the noice of the drill that I ran all day. I went to an ear guy on Wednesday, had my ears tested, and ordered some hearing aids. They are pretty sophisticated, with a computer in them and everything. I think they do just about everything except make coffee. The ear guy kept repeating the line, ” you aren’t going to believe the difference”, every couple of minutes he would say it again. I don’t know if he was being truthful or not, but I got pretty excited after the 20th time he said it, it will be kind of nice to hear well.

The Bible talks about people whose hearts are dull of hearing. In Hebrew 4 the author says that he would like to teach them some really important information, but he can’t because they had become dull of hearing. When our heart has a hearing problem it means that we can’t understand the truth in Gods Word, it makes no sense to us, it also means that we are unable to sense the prompting of God as He attempts to direct our lives into His perfect plan for our lives. In Revelations 2 and 3 there are seven letters written to various churches, and in every one of the letters there is an admonition which says, ” He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to church’s. It is a sad day when we can’t hear What the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

Hearing aids will fix my hearing problems, but how do we fix a heart that can’t hear God when he calls, and can’t hear or understand the Bible when it is read, or can’t understand what the preacher is trying to say each weekend. Becoming dull of hearing is a judgment from God for failing to obey or to keep what we already know.

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