My Dad hated weeds, especially thistles. We had 160 acres and he would walk from one end to the other of our farm with his shovel digging up weeds. If he saw a farmer with one single weed growing in the middle of a field he would say, “he is going to go broke, anybody who would let a thistle grow in the middle of his field will let something else go, and then something else and pretty soon he is broke”.

Weeds choke out what is good, and keep it from growing. In the parable of “The Sower” Jesus said some people are like soil with weeds, the Word of God can’t grow because the weeds choke it out.  The biggest weed, like a thistle, in our life is our love of money. Most people wouldn’t describe themselves as someone who loves money, but we base our security on it and if something goes even a little bit wrong in the area of our finances we worry and get very anxious.

The Bible says that if we love the world or money the love of God is not in us. Put another way, “to the degree we love money we cannot love God, the two can’t co-exist in our mind and heart”.  In the Gospel of Luke Jesus says, “If you can’t faithfully manage your money, God will not give you important things to do with your life”.

Some basic Biblical principles on being a good steward of money is (1) Budget, plan ahead how you will spend every penny, eliminate impulsive buying from your life. (2) Be very cautious about buying things on time, going into debt. Some debt is going to happen, but pray about it for a week, and longer as the amount gets bigger. (3) And give systematically and sacrificially to God and His work. There is something very powerful and life changing about giving our money to our church, missionaries, and needy people. God blesses us, provides for us, we grow closer and closer to Him, and He opens up many doors for doing something with our life that really matters and makes a difference for all eternity.

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