Serve the Bride of Jesus

I talked to a pastor of a church last year who had just celebrated his 50th anniversary as the pastor of that church. He is one of my main hero’s in life, a great man of character. He had started the church, and seen it through all of its stages of growth, and paid a huge price in effort and sacrifice over the years. I asked him what was the hardest part of the 50 years. He reflected for a few minutes on that, and said, “I know the answer but I don’t know how to put it into words”. He went on to say “I can’t remember ever doing anything or wanting anything in the church for myself, everything I have prayed for was for others, all the preaching and counseling was always for others, the work on the building, the lawn mowing, and the toilet cleaning, it was all for everyone else. I wanted to attract people to Jesus, I wanted to help them grow, I wanted for their marriages to be strong, I wanted their kids to grow up to be champions. Giving my life away, and serving everyone wasn’t hard, it was a joy, but what was hard, very hard was when those same people whom I had served for so long with no thought for what I wanted left because their needs weren’t being met. I got over it, and I knew it would happen again and again, but it never got easy, it never lost its sting. I guess that is what it means to give your life away, and to do all that you do for Jesus. Yep he is my hero.

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