Grow, change, improve, mature, get better

A major purpose of life is to become more and more like Jesus in character. That is a very hard thing to do because of our nature, the world we live in, and the devil and his demons who are very real and very evil, and who want to keep us babies. I can grow apples, that is I can do things that will facilitate the growth of apples. I can grow a puppy, that is I can feed it, give it water and care for it. I can grow myself, that is I can follow principles and rules that God established that results in a changed life. The writer of the book of Hebrews in the New Testament says, “Let is press on to maturity”, The Apostle Paul says, “pursue righteousness”, Jesus said, “be holy as I am holy”. “Impossible”, say you, no, not impossible, very difficult and hard, but not impossible, it will require discipline, desire, help from others, prayer, planning, hard work, sacrifice, and humility, but, it isn’t impossible. I will not ever think that I have arrived, that I am good enough, that I am OK, or that I am better than most. I will never think statements like, “nobodies perfect”, “I am only human”, or “everybody is doing it”. I will listen to counsel and criticism, I will read my Bible everyday, I will pray everyday asking God for strength and help, I will set goals, I will be transparent, I will examine my life for character flaws, and I will confess all known sin to God, and experience His forgiveness and cleansing.

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