Dee’s Goals for 2019

Well, I got my goals all written. I had said I was going to do 50 goals instead of 70. I would usually write 70 because I am going to be 70 years old in a couple of weeks and that has been my commitment for the last 40 years, one goal for every year of life. This last year I only got about 50 of my 69 goals done so I thought I would scale back a bit. But once I got to writing them I couldn’t quit so I am going with 60 goals. I think I will get most of them accomplished this year. The key is to read them every day so I stay focused and mentally thinking about them and how and when I will accomplish them. A couple of them are two year goals so I am going to get started on them, but not much more. One of those big, 2 year goals is to put in a fish pond. The cost will be a major barrier, and might make it a 3 or 4 year goal.

Dee’s 2019 goals

1. I will read 14 chapters in my Bible everyday, majoring on Philippians and Colossians.

2. I will pray by myself for 1 hour every day using the App, “PrayerMate”.

3. I will read 80 pages every week in good books, some of that will be audio.

4. I will pray with Patty 3 times minimum each week.

5. I will write my blog every day.

6. I will ride my stationary bike, lift weights, punch the heavy bag, and run for for a total 90 minutes every day.

7. I will build a go-cart with James Duke and Will Doughton, two of my grandsons who are about 10 years old.

8. I will ride my bicycle on a 2,000 mile trip with Glacier National Park being the half way point, that will take 33 days to complete, and I will read and write each evening in camp, working towards the goal of having 30 messages from Philippians and Colossians.

9. I will enter and finish the “BeastMan Duathlon” at Sunriver on June 29th, bicycling 58 miles and running a half marathon.

10. I will take my dory boat Halibut and tuna fishing off of the Oregon coast.

11. I will learn how to weld using a MIG welder.

12. I will memorize the books of Philippians and Colossians well.

13. I will teach through the books of Philippians and Colossians during my Sunday 8:00 am and Wednesday night classes beginning in October, 2019.

14. I will pray for every person in JBC once each week, and maintain my prayer journal keeping current with names, pictures and prayer needs.

15. I will study, write, and prepare teaching content and a syllabus for a seminar for church leaders in January 2020 on training leaders.

16. I will start 3 new men’s accountability groups, and hand off 3 of my existing groups.

17. I will start a satellite church in SeaTac, Washington, using a video presentation of my Hebrews Class.

18. I will work diligently with, and train well, Shane to be the campus pastor of the Satellite Church, so that it is a healthy and growing church.

19. I will work closely with and train well, Brandon to be the best “Follow-up, Assimilation, and Evangelism” pastor on the planet earth.

20. I will improve, revamp, and organize JBC’s “Home Group” ministry so that it is incredibly effective as a place where Biblical fellowship happens, and start at least 4 new groups.

21. I will work with Jason to help him produce a very good video of the existing ministries of JBC to use at a “New Comers” dinner 3 times each year.

22. I will plan, organize, and hold 3 “New Comers” dinners.

23. I will be faithful as a member of the Pastor’s accountability groups, and schedule and plan 3 lunches with them.

24. I will faithfully schedule, plan, and organize 20 staff meetings that will include training, encouragement, accountability, and prayer.

25. I will attempt to identify, and recruit from JBC a faithful, available, and teachable person, and to train them to be a volunteer staff/pastor.

26. I will plan and organize a one month camping trip to the Steen’s Mts during archery season, I will hunt for elk and deer, and fish in “Fish Lake”.

27. During my one month time at the Steen’s Mts, I will read and write for 5 hours each day working at getting 30 messages done from the books of Philippians and Colossians.

28. I will exercise self-control, and keep my weight under 200 lbs.

29. I will faithfully work on Scripture Typer for 30 minutes each day, and maintain a ranking of 200 or better.

30. I will increase the total number of Bible verses I have memorized well to 1,000.

31. I will plan and save for a rifle elk hunting trip to Wyoming.

32. I will go fishing in Soldotna, Alaska for 2 weeks in July, and will attempt to take a son or grandson with me.

33. I will study and write 4 really good lessons on marriage, and have them finished by April 1st.

34. I will, without a doubt, organize my shop, super well, and keep it that way. I will develop a specific time table with rewards and consequences for success or failure of that time table by January 1st, 2019.

34. I will reroof my shop, including the back lean to.

35. I will re-side the front of my shop with Hardi-plank and paint it.

36. I will begin the 2 year goal of putting in a fish pond on the front of our property.

37. I will diligently prepare to teach my “Men’s Leadership Class”, “Ladies Leadership Class”, “Leadership Class II”, and “Leadership Class III”, and I will work super hard to improve all aspects of all the classes.

38. I will take Patty on a date at least twice each month, and I will work hard at communicating well with her.

39. I will faithfully attempt to encourage those who have drifted away from the Lord using notes, emails, text messages, phone calls, and personal visits.

40. I will watch the instructional DVD on taxidermy that I have purchased, and do a full body mount on the mountain lion I killed. If it turns out good, I will put it in the house, and if it turns out bad I will put it in my “Man Room”.

41. I will write 50 hand written notes each week to people in JBC.

42. I will work to make the Wednesday night service an effective time, and will include in it 30 minutes of teaching the Hebrews lesson that I taught the previous Sunday, 10 minutes of worship, and 20 minutes of small group discussion on the Hebrews lesson to help people make acquaintances and friends.

43. I will pray through the JBC church family prayer letter each week, and transfer serious prayer requests to my “PrayerMate” prayer journal.

44. I will write in my personal journal at least twice each week.

45. I will religiously keep track of my time and record it each day in my iPad.

46. I will pray at a minimum of 3 corporate prayer times at JBC each week.

47. I will pray at least 40 hours in each of the 4 “Five Day Prayer Events” that are held at JBC.

48. I will begin every day with a prayer of commitment presenting my life to Jesus, declaring Him Lord of my life, asking Him for guidance and strength for the day to please Him in all that I do.

49. I will attend a major “Church Growth” seminar, and take at least one staff member with me.

50. I will give Patty and Sherri at least 4 hours of work on “Home Improvement” projects each week, and ask them to make a list at least one week in advance.

51. I will be in bed by at least 10:00 pm 2 nights a week, and by at least 11:00 pm 2 nights a week.

52. I will rebuild my 1986 Ford 4X4 pickup, and the 300 in-line 6 cylinder engine.

53. I will start on the project of building the XR3, three wheeled car.

54. I will pray for Patty, my Mom, my kids and spouses, and grandkids everyday.

55. I will pray for a list of lost friends, family and acquaintances every day.

56. I will pray for the staff at JBC, and their families at least twice each week.

57. I will listen to online courses on “Church Marketing”, and “Church Leadership” at least one hour each week.

58. I will use Facebook as a tool to connect with people, and I will write out complete prayers in response to problems or trials that I read about. I will keep close track of my time and will not go over 3 hours each week.

59. I will go fishing every chance I get.

60. I will make a 15X20 canvas wall tent.

61. I will read these goals every day.

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