I went fishing yesterday for Chinook salmon on the Alsea River with 3 other good friends. We only got one salmon, a 20 lb chinook that was bright and fat. I am not sure what it is about fishing that I enjoy so much, but I do, even when I don’t catch a fish like yesterday. We rode around in a boat pulling spinners up and down the river. While we rode we talked about everything under the sun, we ate Oreo cookies, black licorice, jerky, cheese and crackers, and a variety of other heath foods, and drank lots of coffee. It was a long day, getting up at 4:00 am getting home at half time on Monday night football and seeing Drew Breese break the record for most Passing yards. After the game was over I rode my stationary bike for 45 minutes, then went out to my shop and punched on the heavy bag for 15 minutes, and then lifted weights for another 15 minutes, then went back in the house and ran on the tread mill for 15 minutes. I do that exercising just about every night for 90 minutes. I don’t enjoy it much, but I do read, listen to audio books and watch videos of really good preaching, so the time goes pretty fast. Finished all my reading, and praying goals, and went to bed at Midnight. It was a long, hard day, but so rewarding and fun. Today was totally different, began the day with a breakfast at Denny’s at 5:30 am with a group of 7 guys who share their goals and hold each other accountable, then at 6:30 I had another group,and then at 7:30 another group. Then I went to the Evangelical Church in Jefferson, set my alarm on my phone for 9:30 am, put my seat back and went to sleep for an hour. After waking up I went inside where we had a prayer meeting with people from the other churches in Jefferson for an hour. It was a great prayer time, and then I went to my office and wrote on my Hebrew messages for most of the day until 7 pm when I taught my “Leadership III class”. As I sit in my recliner tonight writing this blog and finishing up on my disciplines I can’t help but say, “thank you Lord for my life”, it is awesome.

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