Self-Imposed Pressure

It feels good to relax, and take it easy, and there is a time to do that regularly and systematically. In order to grow, accomplish, bear fruit, and be successful as a disciple of Jesus a person must keep constant pressure upon himself. It is that pressure to do more, work harder, and not get lazy that pushes a person to do what most others don’t do. The most effective way to create and regulate the pressure of wanting more people to be followers of Jesus at JBC, and to see more people grow in character is to set goals. Good goals are very powerful and effective in leading and motivating ourselves to accomplish more.

This past week Pastor Mike and I went to a conference down in Colorado Springs. It was basically a “Church Growth Conference”, and the speakers were the pastors of the ten fastest growing churches in the U.S. When each one was introduced to speak there was an introduction given that included all the information about their churches growth in terms of numbers and percentages and accomplishments. In me as I listened to the introduction and then to each pastor speak a fire was being built and stoked, and it got hotter with each speaker. The temperature of the fire is a key part of that self-imposed pressure that is a key part of self-leadership. As I listened I wrote goals so I wouldn’t lose the drive that was growing in me.

Many can’t live with the pressure, the desire, the passion, and want that goals create, especially if a goal is set and not accomplished. The ability to dream big, want more, plan and organize for growth, and to stay happy, motivated, and on fire after a goal has failed is tough and takes a disciplined mind.

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