Oops, My Bad!

I have been in Colorado Springs the past 4 days with pastor Mike at a seminar that had the pastors of the 10 fastest growing churches in the U.S. as the speakers. My, oh my, those guys were motivational. Listening to guys with that much passion and vision gets my creative juices going, and I start writing all kinds of crazy ministry goals.

When we got to the Portland airport last Tuesday, we did the usual security stuff. When my carry on bag went through the x-ray machine I could see that they were running it back and forth looking at something they didn’t like. One of the security guys pulled it out and asked me to go through it with him. He began by asking me if there was anything in the bag that was explosive, and I assured him there wasn’t. He took everything out and squeezed my socks, shirts, and underwear trying to feel for something. He took the empty bag and ran it through the x-ray machine again, came back and lifted up the piece of rigid plastic that was the floor of the bag and under it in the corner was a bullet. I had used the bag on a hunting trip and had several boxes of bullets in it, and one had gotten out of a box and lodged under that bottom piece. The guy looked at me with this scowl that suggested that I was a terrorist. All I could think to say was, “Oops, my bad”. I don’t ever use that expression so I am not sure why it popped out then, but the guy lightened up a bit and asked if I wanted the bullet, and I replied that it was all his.

I don’t like getting into trouble, especially when I really had no intention of doing anything wrong. It was nice that my little expression prompted him to forgive me. 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, God will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. To confess our sins means we say, “My Bad” to God, we own what we did, we don’t blame anybody else, ” I did it, no excuses”. Every night, without fail, I review the day and confess all known sin to God so that I can experience His forgiveness and cleansing. It is a nice way to end the day, a spiritual shower.

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