Why do I Want to be Successful?

Every night when I finish writing this blog I pray and ask God to bless it and use it in the life of millions of people to help them walk close to the Lord, and motivate them to pursue God, to know God’s will for their life, to zealously press on to grow in the character of Jesus, and to bear much fruit. Now “millions”is way beyond the number of people who are presently reading it, but if I keep praying for millions I believe the number who do read it each day will grow. I also pray before I write it each night and ask God for His wisdom, His insight, and His guidance so that each blog is anointed by God, and will have a huge impact in the lives of each of the people who read it. So why do I pray those prayers? What is my motive? Well, I like to think that my motive is to be used by God to make an eternal difference in many people. But I know myself well enough to know that my motive could be, “to be well thought of by many people” and to have many people think that I am cooler than sliced bread. Obviously that second motive is very prideful, and not very pleasing to the Lord and a major turn off to those who read my blog. Jeremiah in the Old Testament says that our heart is very selfish, prideful, and deceitful and that it will trick us into thinking we our Nobel in our desires and motives when in fact we are far from it, and we won’t even know it. I know that this motive thing takes constant self examination, and that if I get lazy in guarding my heart and soul I can slip sideways very quickly.

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