What am I Supposed to Do?

The first two years of my College career I attended Cascade College which was located on Killingsworth Street in North Portland. It was a small Christian College that I very much enjoyed. While there I grew a lot spiritually, and it was while I was there that the seeds to be a pastor were first planted in my heart. I was in college because if I wasn’t I would get drafted and go to Vietnam and that wasn’t one of my goals for my life at that time. I was also there looking for a great Christian girl that I could marry, and I found Patty my future wife. At the end of my second year there Cascade closed because of money problems so we got married and transferred to Seattle Pacific University. I didn’t like Seattle, I didn’t like Seattle Pacific, and I hated the part time job that I had. It was at a large freight company that transported a variety of goods all over the world using trucks, ships, airplanes, and even little carts pulled by people. The first day I showed up to work a secretary told me that my supervisor was on sick leave so until he returned just walk around and get familiar with every thing. I wandered around for a week, and still no supervisor. I kept asking different people what I was supposed to be doing, but nobody knew, and they just suggested that I relax and enjoy the life of ease as long as I could. After being there 3 months President Nixon changed the military draft system by instituting a lottery system. Every day of the year was put on a ping pong ball, then into a big wheel that could be spun and the dates picked out. The first third were 100% sure of being drafted and going to Vietnam, the second third had about a 50% chance, and the last third were 100% sure of not getting drafted. I was number 364 so that night I rented a little trailer, packed all of our stuff in it, and headed home to the dairy in Trout Lake. The next day I wrote a letter to the school saying , I quit, I wrote a letter to my job saying, I quit, and I wrote a letter to our landlord telling him where he could find the key. I never did find out at my job what I was supposed to do, it was the worst job experience of my life, I hated it.

So, most Christians have no real clue what they are supposed to be doing, so most just wander around with no purpose, dreams, passion, or clear goals, that would be such a rotten way to live life. Our primary purpose in life is to grow to become as much like Jesus in character as is possible with the time we have left. We are admonished to press on to maturity, to pursue and to become like Jesus, to follow Him and imitate His way of doing everything. The more focused we are on our purpose for being here the faster we will grow. We are supposed to become experts in growing in character, and to be obsessed with making every day the best day of character growth we have had. Every morning I remind myself what my job is and commit afresh to pressing on to become as much like Jesus as I can.

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