Fishing, Fishing, Fishing

I love to fish. One of the main reasons is because my Dad loved to fish, and I caught his love of fishing. He also was one of the best fisherman that I have ever known, he caught fish when nobody else was. During the last couple years of his life my favorite thing was to go fishing with my Dad. Another reason that I love to fish is that it is the most therapeutic activity that I do. The best definition of an extrovert and introvert that I have heard is “an extrovert is energized by being with people, and an introvert is energized by being away from people”. I am very much an introvert, and Pastoring can be very draining emotionally. Going fishing is like driving into a gas station and saying, “fill er up”. I have pastored at JBC for 42 years and if I live that long I feel confident that I can go another 20 years, and the reason is because I know how to fill up my gas tank when I get depressed and burnt out, go fishing. I enjoy fishing with people who enjoy fishing, and I have a lot of good friends that I love to fish with, but sometimes to get the full value that fishing has for me, I need to go fishing by myself. I recently bought this 9 foot, inflatable pontoon boat, and it is so much fun to take it out on Detroit Lake fishing, and there is only room for me on it. Yesterday I spent most of the day making modifications to my little boat. I put the seat up on a 12 inch pedestal, and put a wood floor in it so it is so much more comfortable. I moved the electric trolling motor from the back to the front of the boat, and steering is way easier. Notice the “downrigger” on the right side of the boat which allows me to fish 50 to 100 feet deep if that is where the fish are, and the Garmin “fish finder” screen on the front left that shows me if there are fish under me, how many, how big, and how deep. The really cool thing is that another fisherman gave me the downrigger and Garmin Fishfinder, I bought the pontoon boat at Costco for a really cheap price, and I bought the electric trolling motor from Cabella’s with gift certificates that I got for my birthday last year. This is a fishing machine, and amazingly effective in reenergizing my soul.

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