Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #24

Today was a good day of riding except for the traffic and with no shoulder to ride on (check out the picture) we had cars and trucks going by us fast and close, and an occasional rude person who yells at us or when they are right beside us they lay on the horn, but they will pay for their behavior because I prayed the “dysentery prayer”for them.. we rode 52 miles and the first 25 miles was all uphill with some very steep grades (again, check the picture), but the weather was great, there was no head wind, and we enjoyed ourselves very much! Tomorrow we will get to the Grand Canyon and we will check that out good, and I will take lots of pictures. Tonight we are camped at Kaibab Paiute RV Campground just inside the Arizona border past the town of Colorado City. Three different people gave me a gift card for “Sub Sandwich” because they heard that I liked stopping at them on bike trips, the total from the three cards was well over $100, and I just today finished off one of the cards. They are the best when you are biking like we are, they are fast, cheap, and lots of carbs for energy. I usually eat half of a foot long sandwich and eat the second half when we get to camp to tide me over until dinner. The campground has a huge TV in their lounge so we are going to watch the NBA playoff game between Golden State and the Houston Rockets. We are going to eat barbecued chicken that Tom is cooking during the game.

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