Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #25

Today takes over as the hardest day. It was a grinder with a bunch of uphill, really steep uphill. We are camped at 8,800 ft in elevation tonight at Kaibab Camper Village not to far from the North rim of the Grand Canyon, and last night we were camped at 3,000 ft. I shift my bike down to it’s lowest gear, stand on the pedals, and pull over just about every mile for a puff break and a glut of water. It is really slow going, and sucks the energy right out of me. We walked around for awhile and looked at the Grand Canyon and took pictures, and then we went into a restaurant with an amazing window view and had a super delicious Navajo Taco, so much for the calories that I burned. So far on the trip we have been heading South and South East, tomorrow we change directions and head North for Yellowstone.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #25

  1. Rod Beckner

    The trip so far sounds fantastic and (maybe too) challenging. I wish I could transport myself there for some of the experience and then instantly get back here for daily responsibilities.
    Photos from Zion were great. Seeing all of those distinct sedimentary layers way up on the face of those mountains caused me to take a quick look at the geological info available. Quite a history there, indeed. Thanks for reporting.



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