Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #23

Today we only rode about 30 miles on our bicycles, but they were very, very enjoyable miles. We are camped 30 miles from Zion National Park at a KOA Campground, that was the closest one we could find, all the others were full. So this morning we loaded all the bikes onto the RV and drove about 25 miles back towards Zion and parked along side the road in a wide place. We then unloaded the bikes and rode them 5 miles to the entrance to the National Park and then rode on a bike trail that went about 20 miles through the park. The scenery was amazing, and I took lots of pictures. We got back to camp a few minutes ago, and I promptly jumped into the swimming pool that they have here at this campground. Boy did that feel good, it is starting to heat up, tomorrow is supposed to be 88 degrees. Tomorrow we head towards the Grand Canyon.

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