Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #22

we are camped outside of St George, Utah, and have this beautiful view from our tent sights. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day bicycling through Zion Canyon, and that should be amazing. Today I bought a new IPad, I broke my old one yesterday when I fell over on my bike with the IPad in one of my Panniers ( bicycle saddle bags). I also bought a little device to load the pictures from the SD card on my Cannon Camera onto my IPad so I should have many pictures to choose from to put on my blog tomorrow. One of the blessings of bicycle trips is that we go relatively slow, so we get to see everything and we get to see it in detail. As I see the beauty of creation every day there is the obvious signs of a very intelligent creator-God. As I see it mile after mile several thoughts just sort of wash over me. The first is “God is amazing, He is amazing in His creativity, and He is amazing in His power”. The second thought is “I am very, very small and insignificant compared to all this that I see”. The third is, “God created me in His image, He is now molding and shaping me to be like Him in character and saved me because He desires that I be with Him forever”. And the last is, “In spite of my tiny size compared with all creation, I am very important to God, in fact I am loved by God.” Those thoughts running through my mind all day long over and over, have a strong impact and effect in my life. My sense of value and worth goes up and up, not in a prideful way because of what I have done, but because of my value and worth to God. My sense of “I need to do something with my life that matters” gets stronger and more motivating, not because I feel obligated, but because I feel capable, more than capable because God has created me, and “my, oh my” look at all this power and creativity on display, I must be amazing. And last, a very serious reoccurring thought, “don’t mess with God”, that is don’t be making Him less than first place in my life, or thinking of Him as my personal vending machine, and just simply forgetting about Him, and letting the stuff in the world control me. He is Almighty, all wise, all knowing, infinite, eternal God, and He owes me nothing, but I owe Him everything.

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