Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #21

Today takes over first place for the hardest day of riding for the trip even though we only rode 65 miles. We had almost 30 miles of up hill, most very steep, and then when we got to the downhill part we had a huge headwind, and we had to peddle hard to go even downhill. When we got into camp tonight I was totally exhausted. Our daughter Sally, her husband Aaron and their 3 wonderful kids, who live in Hawaii are here on vacation touring this part of the US, and they came by to see me and we went out to dinner together. I was probably awful company as I kept falling asleep. I took my iPad with me this morning in one of my bicycle panniers because the camera on my iPhone doesn’t work and I wanted to get a bunch of great pictures as we get into this beautiful part of our country. Because of the balance issues I have because of Parkinson’s I can’t get started on my bicycle without falling over, it is kind of embarrassing if people are around. To help solve the problem I bought and installed an electric motor that is the front hub of my bicycle. I use it when I start up on the bike by pushing this button that gives me power and gets the bike up to 4 mph very quickly. Once I am up to 4 mph the centrifugal force of the bicycle keeps me up and going. Well, this morning I got into one of the panniers for a bottle of water and inadvertently turned the battery off that powers the motor. I got on the bike and locked my right foot onto the peddle and pushed the button, but nothing happened and before I realized that I had no power and got my shoe disconnected, I fell over flat on the ground. I bruised my right leg pretty good, but the worst thing is I broke my iPad that was in the pannier. I need to get a new one quickly because I do most of my work on it, so Aaron my son-in-law is going to take me shopping for one in the morning in St George, where we are camped.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #21

  1. mompalomo

    Hi Dee! Oh, I ache for your pain (empathetically speaking)! This most recent ride reminds me of the story of how
    grandpa got to school…he walked uphill both ways… Seriously, I admire you for the adaptations you’ve made to
    Parkinson.s and never letting it get the better of you, and I can pray for the willingness to do a tiny fraction of
    what you have accomplished. Wonderful inspiration, that’s what you are.
    (From Sherry Palomo, formerly from Scio, now in AZ)



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