Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #20

Well, today is officially one third done on the trip, we have been gone 20 days, and have bicycled 1,100 miles, have climbed about 50,000 feet in elevation, and I have lost 13 lbs. we have not yet seen Zion, Bryce, or the Grand Canyon, and we haven’t gone through Yellowstone, so the scenic part of the trip is yet to come, but the scenery has been beautiful so far.

Everyone Cliff, Kathy, Tom, and I are all in good health, and feeling good, and all are borrowing my little travel scale regularly to see how much weight they are loosing. Cliff has lost the most so far, but he was the fattest starting out 😀 (brothers). The bicycles are doing great with nothing breaking or wearing out, no flat tires, or any such thing. I have read about 500 pages, written about 10,000 words, and spent about 15 hours memorizing Bible verses, not counting all the hours of prayer, reflective thinking, and creative thinking that I have done as I ride along for 8 hours each day on my bicycle.

Today we are at Young’s RV Campground in Caliente, Nevada, and it is a rest day. We are going to have bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of our usual oatmeal, and then we are going to walk one mile to “Agape Baptist Church”. My goal is to not miss more than 2 times of going to a worship service each week during the year. If I miss making the goal because of circumstances, I am not going to get upset with myself, but I do want to establish a priority and a value in my life. My primary motive is an act of submission and obedience to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many today who say they are followers of Jesus don’t take attendance, involvement or love for their church seriously, which illustrates the Biblical principle that what we value and what God values are usually opposite of each other.

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