Dee’s Bicycle Trip day#19

One of my life axioms is “Don’t make a decision to make a major change in direction or quit anything until the very last moment so you have had all the information possible, and every second possible to think about it, so as not to be impulsive or reacting to ‘difficult’ or hard’ “. About 2 am I woke up with severe leg cramps from the 112 mile day with all the hills, and I knew today was 88 miles with even more hills than yesterday, so I decided that I would take the day off and ride in the motorhome. I tossed and turned until 4:30 am and got up and packed all my stuff. While doing it I realized I was feeling pretty good, and I could probably do it, but the decision to not ride was so “comfortable” I couldn’t bring myself to choose to get on that hard, ugly bicycle seat. A few minutes later Cliff and Kathy got up, and I told them my decision, half thinking that they might follow my lead and ride in the RV as well, but, no, off they went on their bicycles. All day long I kicked myself for wimping out, especially when we passed them chugging up a long hill. Oh well, I feel really good right now sitting in camp. In my personal journal that I write in most days, I rewrote my axiom so that I don’t forget it in the future. Choosing to ride a bicycle or not is not that big of a deal, but there are many other decisions that are a big deal, and living a life of faithfulness and endurance is a really big deal to God. He is the one who gives assignments in life, and He gives the important ones to faithful people who don’t quit, and I really want to be considered by Him to be worthy of significant responsibilities.

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