Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #11

Today was an up and down day. We climbed for 30 miles, some of it the steepest of anything we have biked yet, and then we had 30 miles of the best downhill riding we have had to date. A good downhill is one that lasts for awhile, that means it can’t be to steep or you lose to much altitude to quickly, but steep enough so you go at least over 20 mph without peddling. This down hill lasted a long time and we were usually going around 25 mph with occasional bursts over 30 mph. A big plus was we had a strong tailwind today so even a gradual downhill resulted in good speed. We road 60 miles today and ended the ride in a Super Walmart store parking lot in Reno, Nevada. After doing some shopping we loaded the bikes on the RV and drove through Reno to the camp sight we are at tonight in Fallon, Nevada on Highway 50.

So far we have had 8 ride days and 3 rest days. We have bicycled a total of 560 miles so far with an average of 70 miles each ride day. We are going to take two rest days in a row here, both Saturday and Sunday and start all fresh and revived on Monday and attempt to ride 120 miles with some super steep climbing up to a pass at 6800 feet. There are no camp sights in between those points is the reason for the long trip. What we will probably do when the 4 of us think about it is pick a spot to finish at around 80 miles and load the bikes on the RV and drive the last 40. We could go back with the bikes on the RV to that spot the next morning except that leg is already 80 miles long. Once we get past this section of Nevada the problem of few camping spots is over.

I bought a neck brace at Walgreens today, and I am going to give that a try on Monday and see if that won’t help a bit on the neck pain that I have while riding.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #11

  1. mompalomo

    Once again, I am amazed at ;your endurance and how you push your body to your will. It reminds me of the discipline of Paul. Something to strive for. Surely many others are encouraged by your life. Blessings and safety to you and your compadres on this bicycle trip.



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