Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #10

We had our longest day of the trip today, 94 miles. We started at 6 am this morning and pulled into Honey Lake Campground, near Susanville, California, at 3 pm. Everyone was very tired when we got here, my gas tank was totally on empty. I went over to the shower room soon after we got here and took a very long hot shower. After I got dressed I sat down on a bench in the shower room to put my sandals on, and leaned my head back against the wall and promptly fell dead asleep, Cliff wondered what was taking me so long because he was waiting his turn. One of our riders, Gene Anderson, is heading home tomorrow, he could only do 10 days with us, and has to go back to work. His wife Tammie drove down to pick him up and the last couple of nights she has been with us we have had barbecued steak and chicken, I am sorry to see them go. We took a group picture tonight before Gene leaves tomorrow morning. My invention to help keep my neck from hurting didn’t work very well, but I did have a little bit less problem with my neck today, I don’t know if I am getting tougher or if it was the million ibuprofen that I took. Tomorrow we have a 60 mile day, with a long uphill climb of 3000 feet elevation gain, and we will end up at the parking lot of a super Walmart store in Reno. After some shopping for needed stuff we will load our bikes on the back of Tom’s RV and ride through Reno on I-80 for a little bit and end up at Fallon, Nevada at the campsite there. We will be taking a 2 day rest from biking there and recover from an assortment of aches and pains, over Saturday and Sunday and go to church on Sunday.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #10

  1. Laurie Miller

    Glad to know you all made it through the longest day of the journey. Sorry that the neck strap didn’t relieve any pain from road jarring. Praise God for Ibuprofen!



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