Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #12

A bicycle is an instrument of pain, the Seat makes your butt hurt, the handle bars make your hands, wrists, and neck hurt, the peddles make your feet hurt, and the whole bicycle makes your legs burn. Why would anybody in their right mind choose to expose their body to 8 to 10 hours a day to such a machine of pain. I played a variety of sports in High School and College, and the training and practice sessions were very intense and hard and brought a lot of pain. I remember guys stopping and throwing up in a garbage can as we ran the bleachers in the gym. Many of my friends chose not to participate in sports because it was to hard. There were several mottos that the coaches used to quote to us over and over, “No pain, no gain”, “Pain is the gas peddle or the brake pedal in our life, we choose”. I hear some people say of themselves, “I have a low threshold of pain”, and I wonder if they think that they were born that way, and that they are stuck there. Our threshold for pain goes up as we choose to move over the line a little bit, a little bit more, a little bit more, and a little bit more. As our pain threshold goes up so does our rate of growth in character and also our potential for accomplishment. Pain is not our enemy, and it isn’t our friend either, but it is an adversary that we compete with, pain wins if we quit because of it or we avoid certain choices because of it, but I win if I endure in spite of it, if I grow because of it, and if I accomplish more as a result of it. Challenge is doing something hard and winning. Someone asked me if I enjoy the pain that bicycling long distances brings, and I responded, “No, I hate the pain, but I love the challenge”

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