Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #9b

I was just calculating miles from this trip and the others that I have gone on and as I was thinking about all the variables I realized that I have 6,000 miles on my present bicycle tires with not a single flat tire. They are made by Continental and are called Gatorskins. I don’t know much about them, but I do know that is a long time to last especially with no flats. I have a new pair in my duffle bag in case these wear out on this trip. Tomorrow will be our toughest day on the trip so far. We are going 91 miles and the very first thing is a long, uphill climb at 6% grade most of the way. But it only lasts 10 miles then it flattens out for the next 60 miles and then downhill for the last 20 miles. Plus the weather forecast is for cooler temperatures and a 7 mph tailwind.

My desire is to be like my gatorskin tires, last a long time and have no flats, just keep on rolling along.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #9b

  1. Mike Wilde

    Hey, I’m doing the STP in one day before we fish in Alaska. Sounds like I should get some gatorskins…and be a gatorskin- No flats and keep on rolling! Great analogy. Have fun and make sure you keep your mouth shut as you go fast downhill so you don’t swallow a bug!



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