Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #9

As I mentioned in this blog a couple days ago the pain in my neck as I ride is extreme. It isn’t bad when we start riding but the longer we go the worse it gets until we ride into camp I am nauseous from the pain. I have tried every position on the bike, but nothing seems to work, and ibuprofen, Advil, or , Aleive haven’t touched it. I keep repeating to myself as I ride, “pain is good for you, makes you grow, tough it out, give me Your strength Lord, please” but I guess I need to repeat it more. Today Cliff, Kathy and I have come up with a little invention, and tomorrow we see if is going to work.I hooked a bungy cord to my helmet and then to a back brace that Cliff has been wearing. I will adjust the tension on the bungy cord as the day goes along until I find the place where it is supporting my neck and not pulling it back. If it works it will make the bicycle trip so much more enjoyable. I have had very little butt pain this year and minimal hand pain. If this works whoooooeeee will that be nice.

Pain is a problem in life, we have physical pain, relational pain, emotional pain, and self-worth pain, non of them are fun, but all are designed by God to change us and cause us to grow in character to be like Him. My five fold motto regarding personal pain is, “when you hurt fix it if you can, pain stirs up creative thinking, second make adjustments or changes in life, pain helps guide us into God’s will for our life, but be careful you aren’t being irresponsible and wimpy running from pain, third, always ask God for strength to endure it, and fifth, never complain or grumble about it as if you are being mistreated by life, others, or God.”

3 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #9

  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee- love the creativity with the bungee cord and back brace. Sounds like you could use a good massage of your neck and shoulder muscles as well. Also, I know a good acupuncturist! Way to peddle through the pain. You’ve got grit!


    1. Rod Beckner

      Looking at neck support a RAAM rider was using: A chin strap with 2 pvc pipe strapped to his back connected to each side of chin strap. They end and support chin strap near each ear. There is a 3rd short section of pvc glued in with 2 90s at the bottom (across low back) for stability. Would send photo if I could. Maybe what you have now will be sufficient. Good progress!



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