Dee’s Bicycle Trip day#8

A major time issue on a trip like this is the time it takes to set up camp, putting up my tent, blowing up my air mattress by mouth, as well as my inflatable pillow, pulling my sleeping bag out of it’s stuff bag and checking inside for spiders and other bugs and critters that find their way in, getting cloths ready that I am riding in the next day, cook dinner on my handy dandy little propane stove, usually a “Mountain House” freeze dried dinner, get stuff ready for the next day, including going over the route to make sure we know where we are going. We need to charge our gps bike computer, as well as our super duper bright red blinking lights that go on the back of the bicycles, and of course our phones and iPads. In the morning we reverse the whole process. This morning I got up at 4:30 am and we were on the road at 7:00 am. Here is a picture of my stove and the oatmeal I have each morning. Patty put the oatmeal as well as dates and protein powder in zip lock bags for me before we left, one for each day. The oatmeal looks funny because Patty used strawberry protein powder, but it tastes good. Then I do my reading, studying, and writing, including this blog on my iPad. It is uncomfortable to try and read in my tent because it is so small so I sit outside until I go to bed usually around 10 pm. Tonight the bugs were so bad I came up to the men’s bathroom, and I am sitting in here on a bench reading and writing on my iPad. It is nice and warm as well.

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