Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #7

Today was the first day that it has been hot, and I forgot to put sunscreen on so I got a bit red after today’s ride. The heat and sun seem to take a lot of energy out of me so I was really tired today when we rode into camp, but I am feeling better now after eating a barbecued hamburger that Tom cooked up. We are camped on the California border on the shore of Goose Lake. I had big plans to do some fishing tonight, but right now all I want to do is sit and read. We road 67 miles today with some hills, but not killers. My brother Cliff who is riding on the trip with his wife Kathy is a Vietnam Vet so the lady overseeing the campsite said we all got to stay free in the campground, nice blessing. Cliff fell over on his bike today and has some “road rash” on one leg. Kathy was doctoring it, and I told him to rub some dirt on it! When I wrote about the 7 things I hate while on a bicycle trip I forgot one, “chip seal”. Often when they repair roads they spay the road with oil and then spread crushed gravel on it resulting in a rough surfaced road depending on the size of gravel used. We rode much of today on chip seal that seemed like it was 1 inch minus gravel, and the result is my neck is killing me as the vibration goes up the front tire to my arms and then my shoulders and neck. I let the hot water from the shower beat on it for a long time, then rubbed it good with liniment and I am going to take a billion ibuprofen when I go to bed. We head into California tomorrow and then in 2 days we will swing over into Nevada. So far the trip is going great.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #7

  1. Rod Beckner

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I laughed & felt sorry for you guys at the same time. That heavy chip seal takes away a little bit of your speed and turns it into body shaking fatigue. Kind of a double whammy. More padding & a little less air in the tires helps a little.


  2. Laurie Miller

    Asking God for either smoother roads today or rubber necks for you all. Praise our sweet Savior for the discounted prices you have had in camp rental & blessings along the way.



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