Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #6

We get a lot of people on the trip talking to us about the trip, in restaurants, and camp sights it is fairly constant. The first question is usually “where are you headed?” And then when I say the Grand Canyon and then Yellowstone and then back home, they almost always say “Oh my” or something equivalent to that, and the discussion begins about our sanity and the details of the trip. The rate for the campground we are in today charges $20 per night per person, but the owner said he wanted to help out on the trip so he charged us $15 instead and let us hang out in a trailer out of the sun today that he rents and the renters left this morning, nice. Here are some pictures of Summer Lake where we are camped with some alkali blowing.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #6

  1. Mike Wilde

    Good job with your progress on the bike trip. Slowly getting in shape so we can catch lots of fish on the Kenai and energy to pilot your boat so we can catch lots of halibut. Be safe!



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