Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #5

I wrote yesterday’s blog as day 5 but it should be #4, so we will have 2 day 5’s. We road 65 miles today and it was a very nice day with none of the “hated seven” being a factor. We are at “Summer Lake Hot Springs” camping tonight about 4 miles north of Paisley. It is kind of a barren campsite with not a single tree, just sage brush, so we have our tents set up in this field. There aren’t any picnic tables either so we are cooking on the ground. We sat in the hot springs for about an hour and that felt so good.

Riding all day on a bicycle, looking at the country side I have lots of thinking time. Today for some reason I had a strong case of the “should haves”. I was thinking about the past in marriage, raising kids, and pastoring and I started remembering all the things that I should have done differently. The things I was thinking about weren’t necessarily sin, just unwise decisions and choices that probably would have resulted in such better results if I had done things differently. I wish I could go back and have a “mulligan”, a “do over” but that isn’t going to happen. I made the poor choices mostly because of ignorance and inexperience. I can’t do anything about most of the past now, but learn from it, and pass on the wisdom gained to others who want to learn. I wish I had been way more aggressive in seeking wisdom from others. At the time I thought I was, but now I can see that I could have learned so much more if I had sought more. It is such a shame that our pride and “know it all” attitude brings results that can’t be undone.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #5

  1. Dee Brandt

    You’re not the only one, Pastor. As someone said, hindsight is 20/20. All we can do is FIDO- Forget It & Drive On.



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