I just finished teaching a seminar in California for about 7 hours a day for two days. Teaching about leadership, prayer, goal setting, motivation, etc is about as good as it gets for me. I am always fulfilled, and feel great satisfaction when I teach people that will teach others also. But in spite of the great time that the last two days have been I am sitting in my room tonight feeling very tired. One of the things that I teach is that when you get to the end of a day, and are dead dog tired, rejoice because it means you were blessed by God with something to do that mattered that took energy and effort. When I feel as tired as I do tonight it takes extra caution and self-control to keep my mind from getting negative and thinking “poor me” thoughts. Once started down that path of thinking it is hard to rein in my thoughts, so having been there and done that I am choosing to replay in my thinking the positive and affirming comments from those in attendance today about how the seminar content was going to positively impact their ministries, and thank the Lord for blessing me with this opportunity to serve Him. I am also thinking about tomorrow when I get home and how nice that will be, and going out to dinner with Patty after she picks me up from the airport, and sleeping in my own bed, and working on my boat on Friday, and playing poker Friday night. Whooooeeeeeee life is good.

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