Milking Cows

I use the little phrase, “you always milk the cows”!! as an expression to illustrate the importance of faithfully practicing certain spiritual duties everyday. On the dairy growing up nobody ever, not even once in all the years that I was on the farm, ever said, “what do you think, shall we milk the cows today”, I don’t think anybody even thought it, you always milked the cows! The spiritual disciplines of reading our Bible, working on memorizing portions of the Bible, spending time with God in prayer, examining our life and confessing all know sin to God, reading some in good books, reviewing the day and thanking God for all that we were able to do, making a “todo list for the next day, and writing a little in a journal, ought to be daily duties. It is so easy to get lazy and undisciplined in the daily discipline of doing these basics every day, every day, every day, and once a single day is missed it is easier to miss another day and another, and pretty soon you have backslid way away from God and your joy is gone, your peace is gone, your strength is gone, your relationships struggle, and you just chase your tail all day with no purpose. You always milk the cows and you always do the basic disciplines. There are always those who respond to me with the word “legalism”, that making the basic disciplines a daily duty is legalistic. If a dairy farmer was haphazard in milking his cows we would label him lazy, irresponsible, stupid, and soon we would call him bankrupt. A Christian who is faithful to do the basics daily is a disciple, wise, faithful, committed, and very blessed by God. I take Parkinson’s medicine every eight hours, because my bladder no longer works I use a catheter every eight hours as well, and because it is so effective at keeping my Parkinson’s from progressing I ride a stationary bike every night for 60 to 90 minutes. Those are routines that I never miss, and no one calls me legalistic for being rigid, inflexible, and routine in these essentials in my life now, it is just being wise. So why is it that when we jump from the physical and health disciplines, to the spiritual disciplines that being faithful, regimented, dutiful, and diligent is called legalistic. Those followers of Jesus who love Him with all of their heart don’t ever want to backslide away from Him, and they know how easy it is to do just that so they are very disciplined to do the basics every day, every day, every day, they milk the cows.

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