Deeds of Kindness

I enjoy hearing of a need that someone has and being able to do something that meets it. I especially enjoy it when it is one of the kids or grandkids, but also others, and sometimes the most rewarding are total strangers. When I travel there is almost always an opportunity to do a small act of kindness if I keep my eyes open, especially in airports and while on the plane. It is sort of like a personal challenge that I make with myself to look attentively for something to do to help.

It is also very enjoyable to be on the receiving end of a kind deed, especially from strangers while on a trip. I am in Whittier, California doing a seminar, and the host for the seminar had a stationary bicycle here for me to use in the evening, because he knew how helpful riding it each night was for my Parkinson’s. Someone else asked me this morning how my bicycling went last night, and I laughed and said, “I only rode for a little bit because I forgot my tennis shoes so I rode in my cowboy boots, and those boots weren’t made for riding a stationary bicycle.” He laughed also and commented on how funny that must have looked. Today after I was finished teaching for the day and everyone was leaving, the same fellow came up and handed me a bag and a brand new pair of tennis shoes, and they were the right size. Wow, that was a kind and thoughtful thing to do! Makes a person feel good not just because of getting a brand new pair of shoes for free, but the positiveness and goodness that was expressed. There is so much negative stuff in the news and in our world today that is very uplifting to experience the opposite.

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