8 Days

I ended my fast at the end of 8 days instead of 10. I will do 10 next time. There several reasons why I ended early including, “I am a wimp”, but the main one was I was doing good except when I walked very far, today I was getting dizzy whenever I walked. Tomorrow I am going to the Portland Sportsman’s show, which I haven’t missed since I was 15 years old. There is non-stop walking for about 4 hours in that, so I decided to eat a bowl of high fiber cereal and a little bit of rice tonight. Now as I sit in my recliner writing this I feel really good! The challenge of fasting was a good one for me, and I am planning on regular times of fasting in the days ahead. In the 8 days I lost 15 pounds and I will try to keep it off, and then lose some more next time which will be the middle of March before Easter. The fasting didn’t change anything about my Parkinson’s, but I tried to lower my medication starting the 3rd day of fasting, but I had lots of problems when I did so I went back to my normal. I do feel like the five days of,prayer was especially good for me this time, feeling a real sense of God’s presence most of the time, and I attribute that to my fasting. I am sure my self-control level went up, and it will go even higher the next time, that is a big plus for me. Fasting is like choosing to run a marathon, you do it because it is a challenge and because it is good for you. I have run 5 marathons and this 8 days of fasting took more effort, self-control, and determination not to quit than than any of the marathons came close to doing. On the next one I will let you know early so you can join me even for a day

2 thoughts on “8 Days

  1. Julie Vawser

    I would love to join you but don’t know for how long. May God get the glory for what you have accomplished only through Him.


  2. 520randall

    Great work Dee! Thank you for your transparency! You modeled how we achieve more by setting goals, even when we fall short of them, than we would have achieved without them! I love you!

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