Day 6 is done

I am fasting with water only and some coffee for ten days. I have never done a total fast for ten days so this was a new challenge. So far I feel good, no weakness, or bouts of nauseousness which is common. I rode my stationary bike for an hour tonight, and didn’t feel any more tired than normal. I have written about 5 reasons I chose to do this fast, and today I realized there was a 6th reason which is very significant for me. I hadn’t identified it as a motive because I had included it with the quest for greater self-control motive, but it really does stand alone as a growing motive in the choices I make.

In the Old Testament the sin that God hated most was idolatry, worshiping something else besides the one true God. The first of the “Ten Commandments” is “Thou shall have no other God’s besides Me”. In the United States we are more sophisticated than to worship a wood carving covered in gold, or the sun. I believe that the number one idol in the U.S. is the god of comfort. We generally as a culture have been brainwashed into believing that life ought to be comfortable with few problems or trials if any, and if we do have trials we question God’s love for us and sometimes even His existence. The motto of our day is “It’s so hard”, and we even say it with a Country Music nasally twang!

According to the Bible God purposely made life hard, full of trials and problems so that we would grow in character, character that we will take with us into eternity, but the trials of life produce no growth in the person who grumbles and complains and says “It’s so hard”.

So I believe it is good to choose to do something that is hard periodically, just because it is hard, so that we learn to manage hard, to overcome hard, to learn that joy doesn’t come from comfort, it comes from hard, the only thing that comes from comfort and easy is boredom.

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