Choosing Hard

Yesterday I wrote in my blog that choosing to fast was like choosing to run a marathon, you know it is going to be in the super hard category, but you choose to do it anyway, and then I went on to write that choosing to fast was much harder than choosing to run a marathon. I reread yesterday’s blog today and as I read that part about the marathons I thought, “really?, you haven’t done any running whatsoever for 5 years-what’s with that?” My defensive response to myself was, “with the onset of Parkinson’s running became painful and hard, so I quit!” The side of me that started this conversation, the weird, crazy and B-HAG side said, “You quit!! you wimp!! You are always telling everyone to do the hard thing, and then you quit!!” Then my sane, intelligent, reasonable, and wimpy side said, “OK, OK, get off my back, I will do it”. So I wrote a new goal to run the Portland Marathon on October 7th, and then I got on the tread mill after riding my bike for an hour and ran/walked for 20 minutes. It was pretty slow going averaging 4 mph or 15 minute miles. Most people can walk faster than that. Oh well, I gotta start somewhere, and I did start. I like my highly intelligent, wimpy side better than my weird and crazy side, for sure!

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